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Refrigerator/Freezer Test Room

The chamber shall be equipped with a raised floor that provides an adequately sized floor cavity to accommodate the circulating conditioned air. The floor shall allow for against-the wall air plenums that will take the circulating conditioned air from the floor cavity to the ceiling.

The chamber walk able floor surface shall consist of an appropriate mix of solid vinyl composition tiles and perforated metal tiles suitable arranged to facilitate the air-flow requirements through the test chamber to the floor cavity and up to the ceiling via the against-the-wall air plenums.

The number and placement of the perforated floor tiles shall be such to facilitate a laminar airflow through the test chamber.

Download the Refrigerator/Freezer Test Room Data Sheet here


  • ANSI-AHAM 1-2004 - Energy, Performance and Capacity of Household Refrigerators, Refrigerator-Freezers and Freezers
  • ASHRAE 41.1 - Standard Method for Temperature Measurement
  • ASHRAE 41.3 - Standard Method for Pressure Measurement
  • ASHRAE 41.6 - Standard Method for Measurement of Moist Air Properties
  • ASHRAE 72 - Method of Testing Open and Closed Commercial Refrigerators and Freezers
  • ISO 15502:2005 - Household refrigerating appliances - Characteristics and test methods
  • Software will save raw data in spreadsheet format that is easily configurable with Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet tools
  • The software will monitor and display each channel in real time
  • Timing control for test data collection and test duration
  • Averaging of test data
  • Calculations will be accomplished per governing standards
  • Test report generation at the end of the test
  • Visual indication of "Out of tolerance parameters"
  • Password security for access authorization
  • Loop Calibration Utility