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Drive-In Test Chamber

Climatic Testing Systems, Inc. (CTS) is a single-source supplier of Vehicle Test Chambers. Our line of Vehicle Test Chambers include Vehicle Performance Test Chambers, Vehicle Soak Chambers, Vehicle Emissions Test Chambers, Four Post Chambers, Noise and Vibration Test chambers and Corrosion Test Chambers.

CTS is a turn-key solution provider for the acquisition of Drive-In Vehicle Test Chambers. To our customers, we deliver a full range of design, manufacturing, installation, start-up and maintenance services.

These Vehicle Test Chambers are complemented by Innovative and high-performance Real-Time software. CTS Test Software is based on open-architecture and data-critical platform. It connects multiple sources of event-driven data in real-time and seamlessly ties complex test algorithms.

  • Multi-screw compressor package with economizer for maximum energy savings
  • Independent circulation fans with variable speed drive for optimum temperature control and temperature uniformity
  • Bypass circulation air flow for improved temperature control and uniformity at low vehicle speeds
  • Steam injection for humidity control
  • Make-up air supplied at -40°C dew point temperature for frost free option
  • Up to 2.0 m2 nozzle
  • Fast acting dampers on nozzle for stopped traffic simulation
  • Multi-zone solar system intensity control
  • Operator selectable hot road configuration for precise under-vehicle hot road simulation
  • Automatic exhaust extraction pressure control
  • Supervisory control and monitoring software for chamber controls
  • Fully integrated test vehicle data acquisition system
  • We offer custom designed and fabricated drive in chambers to accommodate any size vehicle