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Climatic Testing Systems, Inc. (CTS) manufactures a wide range of Air Flow Test Stands for use in determining fan performance as well as for determining air side enthalpy measurements for testing of heat exchangers.  Our Air Flow Test Stands are custom built to meet the customer’s requirements and can be provided with manual controls or fully automatic data acquisition and control systems.

CTS designs and manufactures each one of its air flow test stands in accordance with standards put forth by ANSI/ASHRAE 51 and ANSI/AMCA 210.  Our systems are designed and constructed to provide a repeatability of 1% or better.

Download the Air Flow Test Stands Data Sheet here

  • Welded Tunnel to eliminate air leakage
  • Shear type centrifugal mixers to thoroughly mix the Unit Under Test discharge air
  • Venturi-type nozzle to correct temperature and moisture uniformity
  • Air flow sampling system to obtain accurate dry bulb, wet bulb or dew point temperatures
  • AMCA air flow nozzles with manual or automated dampers
  • Computerized Data Acquisition and Control System using LabView
  • Conformance with ANSI/ASHRAE 51 and ANSI/AMCA 210
  • Editing of test program
  • Automatic test sequencing
  • Loop calibration and calibration reports
  • Hardware checkout routine
  • Stability monitoring
  • Real-time tolerance adjustments
  • Real-time history graphing capability
  • Automatic test report generation
  • Data file management
  • Performance Plots Generation
  • Air flow capacity up to 70,000 CFM
  • Control stability of 1% or better
  • 1% repeatability of test results