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+4° C Cold Rooms

These rooms are typically controlled between 2°C and 8°C with a control tolerance of +0.5°C or better. These rooms can be used as labs or for the storage of temperature sensitive pharmaceutical products. Humidity control systems can also be provided to maintain low moisture levels inside the rooms.

Room Construction

The room panels will be constructed from foamed-in place urethane insulated modular panels. These modular panels are typically 4″ thick (R34) but can also be supplied in 5″ (R42) and  6″ (R56) thickness. The urethane to metal bond and 90° flange with flexible vinyl gaskets will provide an airtight seal as well as tremendous strength. The insulated panels will be UL fire test approved and will have a low flame spread rating of 25 or less. Panels will be tested and approved by Factory Mutual Number 4880, for Class I building type insulated wall and ceiling construction in combination.

Conditioning Equipment

CTS condensing units are designed and manufactured to fit your needs. Condensing units for Cold Rooms will be single stage and can be supplied in either air cooled or water cooled. We use heavy duty industrial semi-hermetic or scroll compressors for maximum reliability.

CTS offers fan & coil, wall plenum, or remote air handling systems. All systems will utilize proportional control valves to precisely control the room temperature. All refrigerants are non-CFC. Redundant conditioning systems with automatic switchover can be supplied for critical applications.


All control panels will be equipped with selector switches and pilot lights for easy operation. Each selector switch will be identified by engraved nameplates. The recessed control panel will be hinged for easy opening by maintenance personnel. Once the panel is swung open, all relays, contactors, and other enclosed control circuits will be readily exposed for simple maintenance. All control panels will be equipped with a lockable, clear acrylic cover. All CTS Environmental Rooms are controlled by solid state Proportional, Integral and Derivative (PID) controllers for precise temperature control. All cold rooms will be equipped with high/low temperature alarms. Alarm systems will include indicator lights, audible alarm, and dry contacts for remote monitoring.