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Compressor Test Bench and Calorimeter

Automotive A/C Compressor Test Benches and Calorimeters are designed in accordance with ASHRAE Standard 23 and ISO Standard 917 for compressor development and endurance testing. Calorimeter systems are designed to provide heat balances within ±2% with a repeatability of ±1%. The Test Stands are designed for continuous duty over long time periods to allow endurance testing of compressors under extreme conditions. We offer a standard lien of automotive compressor test benches and calorimeters up to 17 ton capacities.

Climatic Testing Systems, Inc. (CTS) is a single-source supplier of a complete line of Compressor Test Benches. Our line of Compressor Test Systems includes Compressor Endurance Test Stands, Compressor Calorimeters, QA Audit Benches and Compressor Clutch Test Benches.

CTS Compressor Test Benches provide as a standard control of all critical parameters as compressor speed, discharge pressure, liquid temperature or sub-cooling, suction temperature or superheat, and suction pressure. In addition, CTS, offers automatic real-time oil flow control that allows the user to precisely and accurately control and report the percentage of oil in circulation.

The Compressor Test bench offers a unitized design which incorporates compress and drive assembly, compressor fixture plate, condenser and associated water cooling circuit, Coriolis type flow meter (Micro motion Elite) and either a secondary refrigerant evaporator or an evaporator with glycol loading circuit.

These Compressor Test Stands are complemented by Innovative and high-performance Real-Time software. CTS Compressor Test Software is based on open-architecture and data-critical platform. It connects multiple sources of event-driven data in real-time and seamlessly ties complex test algorithms.

Download the Compressor Test Bench and Calorimeter Data Sheet here

  • R134a, R744 and other refrigerant blends
  • Environmentally controlled compressor chamber for simulation of "under hood" conditions
  • Automatic control and stability monitoring for Suction temperature and pressure, Discharge pressure, liquid sub-cool and compressor speed.
  • Oil in circulation control
  • Capacity, COP and Volumetric Efficiency determination as per ASHRAE 23 and ISO 917
  • Fully or semi automated systems
  • Real-time test control and data acquisition software with test report generation
  • Test program and test steps editing
  • Automatic test sequencing and test advancing
  • Real-time stability and test parameter tolerance monitoring and adjustment
  • Real-time history graphing and Ph-cycle plotting
  • Data file management
  • Real-time Thermodynamic properties calculations
  • Software Loop calibration and calibration reports generation
  • Hardware checkout routines
  • ≤ 2% agreement between measured mass-flow and calculated mass-flow
  • ±1% repeatability of test results
  • Compressor Capacities from 200 BTUH to 200,000 BTUH