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-70° C Freezers


CTS manufactures custom designed walk-in, ultra-low temperature freezers that are used for the storage of biological specimens or pharmaceutical products. Our walk-in ULTs are ideal for Repository applications or Long Term Storage and Shipping operations where the space and maintenance required for dozens of small reach units has become a problem. CTS walk-in ULTs will maintain the freezer chambers to a temperature as low as  -80°C (-112°F) on a continuous basis.

The ULT Freezer is constructed from modular, urethane insulated panels with cam-locks for easy assembly. The support equipment for the freezer will include redundant, cascade refrigeration systems, Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), and liquid nitrogen backup system.

The typical ULT Freezer includes a double wall design to prevent moisture on the outside of the freezer. A +4°C anteroom leads to a corridor that is maintained at -20°C. ULT freezer compartments are located on both sides of the corridor. The freezer compartments are accessed from the corridor so that personnel do not enter the -80°C space. The overall freezer layout can be designed to match your existing space to provide maximum flexibility.

  • Independent, Redundant Cascade Refrigeration Systems utilizing Copeland Scroll or Bitzer Screw Compressors
  • Liquid Nitrogen Backup System
  • Dual Chamber Configuration for maximum ‘R’ value
  • Redundant Gravity Cooling Coils
  • Dry Air Purge minimize frost accumulation
  • Allen-Bradley Programmable Logic Controller with A-B PanelView Interface
  • Personnel Safety Alarms
  • Yokogawa Temperature Recorder
  • UPS for controls
  • Oxygen Monitor