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Temperature and Humidity Controlled Rooms

Climatic Testing Systems manufactures a complete line of Temperature and Humidity Controlled Environmental Rooms and Environmental Chambers.

Our standard temperature range is from -40°C up to +100°C. With special insulated panel construction, we can reach temperatures up to 125°C. Our control stability is ±0.5°C or better.

Typical Humidity Ranges are 10 to 95% over a Dew Point temperature range of 5°C to 60°C. CTS can also provide customized desiccant drier systems to achieve and control sub-freezing humidity levels as low as -40°C Dew Point Temperature. Our typical control stability is ± 5% RH or better.

Room Construction

All CTS Walk-in Rooms are constructed from pre-fabricated, all metal clad panels with a foamed-in-place urethane core. Wall and Ceiling panels are roll formed with ±Double 90° flanges. This formed channel gives rigidity to metal pans and when foam-locked in a finished panel, provides superior stability and strength.

All panels are interconnected with cam-action locking devices permanently foamed into exact location for perfect vertical and horizontal alignment. Every panel has a tongue and groove perimeter with foamed-in-place gaskets.

Urethane insulation will be foamed-in-place to a minimum density of 2.2 pounds per cubic foot. The foamed-in-place rigid urethane will have a thermal conductivity factor ±K° of not more than 0.118 BTU/ Hr/ Sq. ft. The urethane will be cured to form an adhesive bond with the metal pans. Panels will be 100% urethane insulated and will not include any wood, metal, fiberglass or plastic forming members. Urethane will be certified by Underwriters Laboratories for low flame spread classification less than 25 and smoke less than 450.

Panels are available in 4″, 5″, 6″ and 8″ thicknesses with a variety of metal finishes available. The Panels are available in continuous lengths up to 29′-10″. Panels will carry the UL, NSF or FM labels.

Conditioning Equipment

CTS condensing units are designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of the application. CTS can supply single stage, two-stage or cascade refrigeration systems. Refrigeration units can be either air-cooled or water-cooled. Our condensing units utilize heavy duty industrial semi-hermetic, scroll or screw compressors.

CTS offers fan & coil, wall plenum, or remote air handling systems to condition the air inside the environmental room. All of our refrigeration systems utilize proportional, stepper-motor controlled valves to precisely match the refrigeration capacity to the thermal load in the room, thereby providing excellent control. All refrigerants are non-CFC. Redundant conditioning systems with automatic switchover can be supplied for critical applications.

Dehumidification systems will be direct expansion for above freezing applications and chemical desiccant dehumidifiers for below freezing applications. Dry air purge using heatless regenerative desiccant dryers can also be employed. Humidification is typically achieved by injecting steam into the air stream.


CTS provides a NEMA 4 control console to house all operating controls, instrumentation, functional switches, and control systems. The console will include a key locked acrylic or lexan door for viewing and protecting the room controls. The console will be mounted on the chamber exterior, at eye level, adjacent to the door unless otherwise specified. All control switches and indicating lights will be identified by engraved nameplates. All operating controls and switches will be mounted on a hinged panel. Access to all relays, contactors etc., can be achieved by opening the front panel.

Self-Tuning, Microprocessor based PID controllers are provided to maintain the desired temperature and humidity in the environmental room. All temperature and humidity rooms are also provided with high and low temperature and relative humidity alarms. Also included are equipment indicator lights, audible alarms, alarm delays and dry contacts for remote monitoring.

CTS also offers redundant conditioning systems and controls for critical applications. A Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is provided to provide overall control of the system and maintain equal run-time on both systems.

  • Editing of test program
  • Automatic test sequencing
  • Loop calibration and calibration reports
  • Hardware checkout routine
  • Stability monitoring
  • Real-time tolerance adjustments
  • Real-time history graphing capability
  • Automatic test report generation
  • Data file management
  • User Configurable Data Acquisition and Calculation Channels
  • Air or Water Cooled Refrigeration Systems
  • Individual UUT power circuits
  • Control of Dewpoint temperatures down to -40°C
  • Cyclic Tests
  • Automated Nozzle Selection for Air Flow Measurement
  • Refrigerant Mass Flow Measurement with Refrigerant Side Capacity Calculations