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HVAC Project Profiles

Climatic Testing Systems designs and manufactures Large Walk-In Ultra Low Temperature freezers that can maintain a temperature of -70°C (-94°F) ± 0.5°C on a continuous basis with a temperature uniformity inside the ULT freezer compartment(s) of ± 3°C or better.  In order to facilitate the distribution of the coming COVID-19 vaccines, large -70°C storage facilities will be required.  CTS’ ULT freezers can store product in 1/3 of the footprint that would be required from small 25 ft3 upright freezers.  There will be a considerable savings in utilities costs as well.  CTS’ -70°C freezers can be customized per the customer’s needs and space requirements. 

To find out more about CTS’ -70°C ULT freezers, please follow the following link: -70° C Freezers or contact us at 215-773-9322 x1290 or email us at sales@climatictesting.com