Conditioned Air Supply System

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Conditioned Air Supply Systems are widely used in engine and emissions test facilities to eliminate the wide fluctuation in test results caused by the daily changes in barometric pressure, dry bulb temperature and relative humidity. 

Our Conditioned Air Supplies provide combustion air and or dilution air at precisely regulated psychrometric conditions.  These systems are designed for maximum accuracy and stability.

The Conditioned Air Supply System consists of an Air Conditioning Unit (ACU) and a Pressure Control Unit (PCU).  The ACU draws in outdoor air, cools and dehumidifies the air and then re-heats and injects steam to regulate temperature and humidity levels.  The PCU utilizes a receiving chamber and linear control valves to feed the correct amount of air to the test unit while maintaining a constant flow of air through the ACU to maintain maximum stability.

CTS units can be provided for single engine test cells or can be configured to control the air supply conditions to several test cells simultaneously. 

Our Conditioned Air Supply units can also be used to providealtitude simulation or they can be designed to provide altitude compensation when testing at higher altitudes.

Discharge Pressure90 to 465 Psia
620 to 3200 kPa
Suction Pressure15 to 100 Psia
100 to 700 kPa
Liquid Refrigerant Inlet Temperature60F to 160F
15C to 52C
Suction Temperature-15F to 100F
-25C to 38C
Compressor Chamber Temperature-15F to 100F
-25C to 38C
Compressor SpeedAmbient to 250F
Ambient to 120C
or 3 RPM
Oil Flow Rate0 to 180 lbs/hr
0 to 90 kg/hr
0.5% of refrigerant flow
  •  Air or Water Cooled Refrigeration Systems
  •  Chilled Water Cooling Coils
  •  Steam Heating Coils
  •  Outdoor Installation
  •  Low Temperature/Low Humidity Systems
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> Integrated Air Conditioning Unit (ACU) and Pressure Control Unit (PCU)
> Wide Temperature Control Range
> Pressure boost up to 2.5 in Hg
> Altitude Simulation
> Altitude Compensation
> -40F Dewpoint Units for Drive In Test Chambers
> Low Temperature High Humidity for Brake Dynamometer Testing
> Dilution Air for Emissions Testing
> Single and Multi-zone systems
> Air flows from 300 to 16,000 cfm