Compressor Calorimeters

Climatic Testing Systems, Inc.’s Automotive A/C Compressor Calorimeters are designed in accordance with ASHRAE Standard 23 and ISO Standard 917. The calorimeters are provided with a secondary refrigerant calorimeter vessel and Micro Motion Coriolis mass flow sensor to provide accurate and repeatable determination of compressor capacity.

Climatic Testing Systems, Inc.’s calorimeter system provides the customer with control of such parameters as compressor speed, discharge pressure, liquid temperature or sub-cooling, suction temperature or superheat, and suction pressure.  In addition, Climatic Testing Systems, Inc. offers as an option an oil control loop that allows the user to precisely and accurately control and report the percentage of oil in circulation automatically, in real-time.

The calorimeter systems are designed to provide heat balances within 2% with a repeatability of 1%. Climatic Testing Systems, Inc. offers a standard line of automotive compressor calorimeters up to 17 ton capacities.

  • > 2% agreement or better measured mass-flow vs. calculated mass-flow
  • > 1% repeatability of test results
  • Compressor capacities from 2000 BTUH to 200,000 BTUH
  • Editing of test program
  • Automatic test sequencing
  • Loop calibration and calibration reports
  • Hardware checkout routine
  • Stability monitoring
  • Real-time tolerance adjustments
  • Real-time history graphing capability
  • Automatic test report generation
  • Data file management



  • Manually controlled calorimeter
  • Semi-automatic calorimeter with digital recorder
  • Oil circulation control loop for real-time oil flow rate control


Discharge Pressure90 to 465 Psia
620 to 3200 kPa
Suction Pressure15 to 100 Psia
100 to 700 kPa
Liquid Refrigerant Inlet Temperature60F to 160F
15C to 52C
Suction Temperature-15F to 100F
-25C to 38C
Compressor Chamber Temperature-15F to 100F
-25C to 38C
Compressor SpeedAmbient to 250F
Ambient to 120C
or 3 RPM
Oil Flow Rate0 to 180 lbs/hr
0 to 90 kg/hr
0.5% of refrigerant flow