Audit Test Stands


Climatic Testing Systems, Inc.’s Automotive A/C Compressor Durability Test Stands are designed for continuous duty over long time periods to allow endurance testing of compressors under extreme conditions.

CTS Compressor Durability Test Stands can be configured to provide clutch cycling, noise testing, warranty and QA audit capabilities. We provide our test stands with control of parameters as compressor speed, discharge pressure, suction temperature or superheat, and suction pressure

Discharge Pressure150 to 600 Psia
1000 to 4200 kPa
± 2
± 14
Suction Pressure15 to 100 Psia
100 to 700 kPa
± 0.2
Suction Temperature-15 to 100°F
-25 to 38°C
± 0.2°F
± 0.1°C
Compressor Chamber TemperatureAmbient to 95°F
Ambient to 35°C
± 3.6°F
± 2.0°C
Compressor Speed600 to 12000 RPM± 0.25%
or ± 3 RPM
Clutch CyclingClutch Cycling ON / OFF
Clutch Volts0 to 50±0.2
  • Compressor capacities from 200 BTUH to 200,000 BTUH
  • 1% repeatability of test results
  • Editing of test program
  • Automatic test sequencing
  • Loop calibration and calibration reports
  • Hardware checkout routine
  • Stability monitoring
  • Real-time tolerance adjustments
  • Real-time history graphing capability
  • Automatic test report generation
  • Data file management
  • Manually adjustable test stand
  • Semi-automatic with digital recorder