CTS manufactures a wide variety of products dedicated to the testing of Automotive Components and Systems. Our products are used to make automotive air conditioning components such as compressors, evaporators, condensers, heater cores and radiators more efficient and reliable.

We also manufacture conditioned air supply systems that are used in engine and emissions testing.

Let Climatic Testing Systems, Inc. help you to make your products more efficient, reliable and competitive in the global marketplace.

  • Drive-in Test Chambers
  • VV/VT SHED’s
  • Environmental Conditioning Units/ECU’s for Brake Testing
  • A/C System Test Bench and Calorimeter
  • Radiator and Charge Air Calorimeter
  • Conditioned Air Supply System
  • Compressor Test Bench and Calorimeter
  • 4-Post Test Chamber
  • Corrosion and Sale Test Facilities
  • Climatic Wind Tunnels
  • NVH Drive-in Test Facility
  • VOC Test Chambers