Climatic Testing Systems, Inc. (CTS) is a technology company founded in 2001 and is a leading single-source supplier of environmental test equipment for the Automotive, HVAC and Pharmaceutical industries. CTS utilizes its expertise and know-how in refrigeration and air conditioning system technologies and associated controls to provide our customers with comprehensive services for the acquisition of test facilities and specialized ancillary test equipment.

Pioneers In The Field

With over one hundred (100) years of combined experience in designing and manufacturing controlled-environment test facilities, our team’s proven expertise in refrigeration technology, psychometrics, data acquisition and control, computer technology and software allow us to help our customers define their requirements and implement cost effective solutions.Our custom-engineered systems enable our customers to test their products in conformance with the appropriate FDA, EPA, ASHRAE, ARI, AHAM, RAC, ECE, EEC, IEC, JIS, and ISO standards.

CTS personnel have designed, manufactured and commissioned calorimetric and environmental test facilities for leading Automotive, HVAC and Pharmaceutical companies worldwide. CTS provides its customers with a full range of design, manufacturing, installation, start-up and maintenance services to offer a true turn-key solution.

The CTS mission is to provide our customers with equipment that is accurate and reliable, for the lowest possible investment, delivered on time. Our highly integrated approach is key to helping us achieve complete solutions for our customers testing needs. With experience of providing such a comprehensive range of testing products and services, it goes without saying that CTS has the vital experience and skills to ensure the efficient delivery of multi-faceted projects.